About Us

Students Helping Honduras at VCU, is a group of incredibly passionate students who work to spread awareness throughout the VCU and Richmond Community. We hold fundraisers all year round to not only help students like you travel down to Honduras but to also fundraise for current schools being built in rural villages in Northern Honduras. This semester we are raising funds to complete Senora de la Guadalupe Middle School In San Manuel, Honduras. Once the school is built the middle school students will have their own safe, facility to learn in! We believe education and youth empowerment will end violence and poverty in Honduras! 

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Have any questions or want to inquire about one of our fundables? Feel free to contact us by clicking below.

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Our Members
  • Imad Arain
  • Aimee Selleck
  • Grace Lyons
  • Christel fuller
  • Jillian Stevens
  • Christiana Elizabeth
  • Victoria Elizabeth Ann
  • Jose Aramayo
  • Ali Heath
  • Melissa Duron
  • Frances Marquez
  • Christina Cowley
  • Sahar Ghamary

No Active Fundables