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Students Helping Honduras is ending poverty and violence in Honduras by empowering todays youth through education. Students Helping Honduras (SHH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in February 2006. SHH runs service trips to Honduras throughout the year, hosting several hundred students in the spring, summer, and winter to drive the progress of our projects and programs and create responsible global citizens. SHH exists to empower both American students and Honduran individuals, care for orphaned and vulnerable children, promote lifelong education, and reduce poverty. SHH members are part of a rapidly growing network of colleges and universities across the United States. We currently have members at over 50 colleges and high schools, and over 25 established chapters.

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Our Members
  • SU SHH
  • Connor Graham
  • Ryan Heidenreich
  • Megan Miller
  • Lauren Hitchens
  • Katherine Shaw
  • Kaleigh Orsucci
  • Suly Del Valle
  • Meghan Smith
  • Amanda Ellen
  • Kevin Sapp
  • Rani Ewing
  • Bri Kulis
  • Ashton Landers
  • Erika Rodriguez
  • Craig Mc Iver
  • Sarah Farrall
  • Dennis Seyfried
  • Patrick Miller
  • Emily Higgins
  • Charlyn and bob Heidenreich
  • Tram Nguyen
  • Rebeca Cruz
  • Aubrey Anderson
  • Jasmin Caballero
  • Nicole Clark
  • Amanda Everett
  • Kallie Duda
  • Daniyal Aziz
  • Jacey Young
  • Rose Scott
  • Alexander Egbuanran
  • Amanda Stephenson
  • Nicholas Adams
  • Abiodun Adeoye
  • Noah Gibson
  • Dylan Lenart
  • Evan Milici
  • Kendal blosser
  • Ashley Karanja
  • Joseph Hash
  • John Bunke

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