About Us

Students Helping Honduras at Mountain View High School is a chapter of the organization Students Helping Honduras (SHH)  which aims to end extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through education and youth empowerment. Currently, there are 1,000 villages in Honduras that lack access to a school. SHH plans to build a school in each of these villages so children can escape the cycle of poverty and violence.  Our chapter goes to Honduras over spring break to help build these schools, and during the school year we have really cool fundraisers such as bake sales to fund the costs of building the schools.  We hope you will come join us next spring break! 

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Have any questions or want to inquire about one of our fundables? Feel free to contact us by clicking below.

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Our Members
  • Katherine May
  • Adnan Rahman
  • Meghan Wiley
  • Katherine May
  • Nathan Dvornick
  • Jordan Dugger
  • Morgan Andrews
  • Connor Ginn
  • Ben Flett
  • Jillannie Coimbre
  • Emily Burnett
  • Madilyn Walker
  • Connor Walls
  • Zain Rahman
  • Trina Walker
  • Cameron Kulstad

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