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My name is Linda Sobeck and I am currently a sophomore in college studying Early Childhood education. I am seeking your help to get me to Honduras on June 3rd to the 10th to help build schools for the children there. The organization that I am choosing to travel with is called Students Helping Honduras (SHH). This is an organization in El Progresso, Honduras that strives to end extreme poverty and violence through education and youth empowerment. SHH is working to build over 1,000 schools in villages across Honduras.
The money that I am fundraising will go partially towards the groups housing and food along with airfare but mostly goes towards the actual materials used to help build these schools. Children in Honduras struggle every day to get an education because their schools are deteriorating. Receiving an education is vital in improving the lives of these students and their families.
Honduras is filled with great and exciting opportunities, but as a college student it is not something I can fund alone. I believe this will be a life changing opportunity for me and every dollar is appreciated. Thank you so much!

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