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Hi everybody! My name is Emily Swartchick and I'm a freshman attending the University of Mary Washington, hoping for the opportunity to do something bigger than myself. While currently majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry, I'm working my way to medical school in order to become a surgeon, that way I can help people for the rest of my career! Along with my studies, I'm also a member of an amazing group known as Students Helping Honduras. In this club, we fund-raise in order to take a trip for eight days to the country of Honduras to build schools for the children and families over there! Thanks to my outstanding parents and many phenomenal teachers and friends throughout high school, I've always aspired to help people all over the world. And this is the first, of very many, opportunities I hope to be able to do just that! Words cannot describe how excited I am to be participating in such an awesome organization.
The overall trip will cost about $1,550, however every donation helps all the same! Thank you so much for your support and know this trip would not be possible without you. Let's help better the lives of hundreds of families, together, one step at a time! :)

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